Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Skeleton Kigurumi

I really want a skeleton kigurumi like Gerard has...and not just because he has one! You can buy them here but they cost $60. They look like this, they are the exact same as Gerard's

I was considering buying a cheaper plain black one, and then sewing on the white parts, but I think that might look a little bit tacky. But I dunno, still an option. I'm kind of putting off making the dolls, because it will be really fiddly and I can't really be bothered with that at the moment. I will eventually make them though.

Amy's birthday tomorrow, her peanut butter cupcakes are in the oven right now, they smell good :)

Well I've gota get back to my shit load of homework now. Fun for me...teachers just don't want us to have a life....

Kels xoxo

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  1. I love Gee <3 I am.getting avampire bat one. You can buy the one Gerard has on Ebay. Just search Skeleton Kigurumi. They range from $20-$30. Anymore than that is crazy!
    Also, please please please follow my blog and I'll follow and promote yours. Mine has no views yet :(