Friday, 3 June 2011

I Feel So Sick!

Yay! It's Friday, though it doesn't feel like it. Today after school I went with Amy and Maple to go and get pizza, hence me wanting to throw up now...maybe that's because we drank lots of ice coffee too :) I think that can also explain why we laughed our heads off!! We ordered the pizza under the name 'schnitzzail', the lady gave us a funny look and we said it was south Eurasian!

That's me on the left, looking like a spaz because I was laughing, Amy's head poking over the top, it was really hard to get three of us in :) Even though we crammed the three of us into one of those passport photo booths!! It must have looked hilarious! And that's my bro Maple (the bro thing is a loooong story), she wasn't sure about me posting pictures of her, but now she said yes, so I will bombard you with her beauty!

I've decided to start Frankie Friday! A little bit of Frank Iero to brighten up every Friday :) The very first Frankie Friday, how exciting!! enjoy :)

I know it's not the best photo, but I promise I'll have a better one next week! Today was really fun, I have the best friends, It's a shame that Amy (I have two friends named Amy, it gets really confusing!) and Milicia couldn't come though.

Happy Frankie Friday!!
Kels xoxo

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