Saturday, 11 June 2011

Saddle Shoes Tutorial

I was able to get around to making my diy saddle shoes today. I am quite happy with how they turned out. They are really simple, but a little bit time consuming. Well, at least they were for me, probably because I'm so clumsy and didn't want to get any black on the parts I wanted white :)

you will need:
a pair of white canvas shoes
a black sharpie
black paint (I just used acrylic, I will water proof them after with water proofing spray)
some pain brushes, one fine and one larger

First, out line the holes and the border of the area you want to paint black with a sharpie.

Then paint around the border with a fine paint brush (the first photo was taken after this step)

Then just fill in the middle of the area with the larger pain brush.

Sorry about the lighting, I had to wait for then to dry so it was taken in the afternoon. I should point out that I used laces from another pair of shoes, I wasn't happy with the other ones, these one are thinner and rounded. I think they look better.

finished result

I'm wearing my new dress from hot topic :) So they're not exactly like saddle shoes, but good enough for school!

Kels xoxo

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