Friday, 17 June 2011

Frankie Friday!!

It's that time of the week again, this week went quick! Just got back from Amy's birthday party at Dark Zone, it was pretty fun! There was a vest thingy with the name Dracula, and Amy was like "Kelsey, take this one!" ha ha, she knows me too well :) It was her birthday yesterday, but happy birthday Amy!!

Funny photo I got of me and Amy today :)

Frank!! A lot of people are gona be away on my birthday because of a school trip, so I've decided I will have a Halloween/Franks birthday party on Halloween! sounds like a good plan to me!! although I'll have to decide between dressing up as a zombie, Frank of Frankenstein.... probably Frank!!

I decided to go with this picture, because all day my sister and I have been sending each other pictures of us pulling ridiculous faces on our phones. I also got my friends involved, my phone is full of hilarious photos, though they'd kill me if I posted them :(

Kels xoxo

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