Wednesday, 1 June 2011

First Day Of Winter!! :)

Yay! I love winter!! We had a big science test today, and I was so freaked, then it started to bucket down with rain which made me feel heaps better! Also it drowned out everybody talking. I really wish it snowed here. When me and my family went to Japan we stayed in Hakuba, which I think the winter Olympics were held there one year. It snowed so much, even the people who lived there said it was really heavy.

That's my Mum, and my Dads in the background.

Geez, just sitting there minding your own business and BAM! snow ball in the back of your head while your Dad watches and laughs and your mum takes a photo!! That's my sister Sarah, the culprit.

Innocently playing with the snow, actually shaping snow balls for my revenge!!

When we first got there, we ran outside and started messing about with the snow, and there was a Japanese couple with a little boy, and the boy started crying because he wanted come outside and play with us!! Naw!:)

Kels xoxo

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