Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I'm giggling uncontrollably at nothing what so ever!! How am I possibly gona get to sleep tonight *three seconds later blogging stuff that makes no sense becasue I fell asleep on the keyboard*

Aw, Amy!! :)

My friend Amy has just utterly made my day by being such a sweetie pie!! check this out!
This is a picture of the person that just put a huge smile on my face :)

Isn't she pretty?! :) I'll have to do a post of my other unbelievably awesome friends, including my bro for life MAPLE!! I am so happy right now, I just ran past my sisters room and did a super kick ass ninja style kick. That's just how I roll.

Kels xoxo

Crazy Day

Today was super crazy but super fun! I don't think I actually did any work...oops...I pretty much just messed around with my friends!! We spent the whole day planning stuff that we probably won't end up doing anyway. But we did decide that we would all dress up as Harry Potter characters to go and see the last movie when it comes out! It will be so sad when it all ends :( I was thinking about being Luna. I've made her earrings before.

Today, I was so like this:

Ha ha, Spencer in the background like "alright, who let him drink coffee? I specifically told you, not to let him drink coffee, now do you see why?!"

But now I'm totally like:

I'm so tired, and i already miss my friends...:(

Kels xoxo

Ledgend...wait for it...Dary

Now I know that when I eat m&ms that I am eating nothing but the strongest. I wonder what would happen if you used one m&m and one Smartie? I should try it! :) The sad thing is, I probably actually will get bored and try it...

Monday, 30 May 2011

What The Hell??

Read this:

This is the difference between Harry Potter fans and twilight fans. I just find it funny that her name is Cullen4Eva, and the best she could come up with was "Deathly Crap".
One of my friends today said that she hates Harry Potter!! I may have called her a bitch... and it may or may not have been her birthday... Happy Birthday Milicia!!  We're friends again now because she said she hates Twilight :)
While I'm on the topic of Harry Potter, here's a picture I found and immediately wanted to go out and buy some paint and glitter!

Turn a normal light switch on: meh, go about doing what ever boring activities you had planned for the day.
Turn THIS light switch on: exclaim "Holy crap, I'm magic", and spend the rest of the day confusing people by trying to move objects with your mind.

Forever hoping that Edward snaps and drinks her blood, soon before making a T.V series where he and Count Chocular ride around on segways...because they can...

Kels xoxo


The weekends over...:( I've got English first up today, I've gota say, I really don't get all this deep and meaningful stuff. I'm just sitting there like this:

because English teachers are like this:

Anyways, another looooooooooong day at school to come.
Kels xoxo

Sunday, 29 May 2011

I Miss This :(

Man I used to love this, still do!! :)

An Ode to UNICORNS!!

I'm gona dedicate this post to Mikey and Sparkles! Acording to my sister, unicorns are in the bible, she isn't religious, just a random fact she likes to bring up from time to time.

Ok, I don't have a bike, but if I did, it would look like this!! It kinda looks photoshopped, but trust me it isn't. I did find the site where you could buy them from, but I can't find it now! Also, the tyres are especially designed for riding over rainbows
A very rare species, the ninja unicorn!! They're just like ordinary unicorns, only way more kick ass :) I've gota get me one of those hair pieces...

I MUST OWN THIS DRESS!! but I'm really dumb and can't find the site again...oops... If I had this dress I would just burn all of my other clothes and wear this forever. I bet Mikey bought one for his wife.

Also, there is a makeup brand called Lime Crime which has super, super bright coloured products, and their logo is, you guessed it, a UNICORN!!

ha ha, hope ya enjoyed drooling over this stuff like I did!
Kels xoxo

Happy Birthday Amy!!

I went to the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 yesterday with some of my friends because it was my friend Amys birthday. It was a pretty good movie, I was expecting it to suck because half of the main characters weren't in it and most sequels are pretty bad. I do think there was some bad choices in terms of casting though:

 Ha ha, I think I recognise that guy from a Calvin Klein ad...

Kels xoxo

Hi!! :)

So I've started this blog, not really sure what its about yet, but I'm just gona post what ever I feel like posting at the time, and hope that it's not totally boring or weird....good luck...
Anywho, hope ya like my blog
Kels xoxo