Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Well I've finished quite a few of my projects. Besides the dolls, but I'm thinking of saving them for the holidays. Now I have lots of new projects. I'm hoping to make some more tutorials. I've decided that I want to learn to knit, you know, so I'll be prepared for when I'm 80 :) Just joking, I only wana knit because I want to make myself a harry Potter scarf, but I was trying to find a picture of one, and there are like three different kinds!

I'm thinking of making the one in the first picture, though I think it will be a bit more of a challenge.
Also, It happens to be my best friends (sorry Maple, I mean bro, bro is higher than best friend!) and my sisters birthday next Saturday. So I'm gona do some baking on the weekend so I can make them both cupcakes. I've got lots of cute pictures to base them off, Sarah wants ones that look like sushi! Ans I'm making Maple maple syrup flavour :)

aaaaand, I wanted to make some domo kun cookies.....and do my sose homework.....and procrastinate doing my sose homework....

damn, it's only tuesday! Three weeks left of school until the holiday!! :)

Kels xoxo

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