Sunday, 29 May 2011

An Ode to UNICORNS!!

I'm gona dedicate this post to Mikey and Sparkles! Acording to my sister, unicorns are in the bible, she isn't religious, just a random fact she likes to bring up from time to time.

Ok, I don't have a bike, but if I did, it would look like this!! It kinda looks photoshopped, but trust me it isn't. I did find the site where you could buy them from, but I can't find it now! Also, the tyres are especially designed for riding over rainbows
A very rare species, the ninja unicorn!! They're just like ordinary unicorns, only way more kick ass :) I've gota get me one of those hair pieces...

I MUST OWN THIS DRESS!! but I'm really dumb and can't find the site again...oops... If I had this dress I would just burn all of my other clothes and wear this forever. I bet Mikey bought one for his wife.

Also, there is a makeup brand called Lime Crime which has super, super bright coloured products, and their logo is, you guessed it, a UNICORN!!

ha ha, hope ya enjoyed drooling over this stuff like I did!
Kels xoxo

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